Tuuti Shines as Proud Sponsor of Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Nite Glow


Tuuti Agency Dedicated to Supporting the Local Boise Community and Beyond

Boise, Idaho, September 5, 2023 —  Hundreds of people filled Ann Morrison Park this past week with big smiles and full hearts after the spectacular sight of colorful hot air balloons. Each morning throughout the festival, downtown Boise was covered with balloons flying through the skies. This one-of-a-kind, family-friendly, free community event was made possible by sponsors like Tuuti.

Tuuti, a creative communications agency, was thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the much-anticipated Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Nite Glow event, held at the picturesque Ann Morrison Park. This year’s Nite Glow, a dazzling spectacle of illuminated hot air balloons, marks yet another example of Tuuti’s ongoing commitment to community engagement and celebration.

The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Nite Glow, a beloved tradition that began in June of 1991, has captivated audiences for decades with its mesmerizing display of colorful balloons lighting up the night sky. As part of this year’s Nite Glow, Tuuti had the honor of hosting 20 respected clients, potential clients, and friends in a VIP chalet. This exclusive experience included delectable dining, drinks, and meaningful conversations with local business leaders in the Treasure Valley.

Shawnda Huffman, CEO and Founder of Tuuti, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, saying, “The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic holds a special place in our hearts, and it’s an event that aligns perfectly with our values. Over the years, we’ve seen the incredible impact it has on our community, bringing people together in joy and admiration. We’re thrilled to be a part of this year’s Nite Glow and continue our tradition of involvement.”

Tuuti’s commitment to community involvement is deeply ingrained in the agency’s core values. The Tuuti owners have actively participated individually with the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic for several years, making their decision to sponsor the event a natural choice. 

At the event, Tuuti created a vibrant, Tuuti-branded photo booth, inviting attendees to capture the magic of the moment. This playful addition perfectly encapsulated the agency’s creative spirit and commitment to community.

Jane Gordon, CEO and Founder of Jane Gordon Law, shares, “Attending the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic and witnessing Tuuti’s enthusiastic involvement was an absolute delight. As someone who has enjoyed the magic of the balloon event for years, it’s truly heartwarming to see Tuuti embrace and contribute to this cherished tradition. It is no surprise that community is one of Tuuti’s core values as I got to experience that involvement first hand.”

The Tuuti team is committed to providing unwavering support for community-driven initiatives. In the last eight months, the team has been dedicated to fostering connections with other notable members of the Treasure Valley and beyond by attending countless community events, non-profit give back nights, networking events, conferences, volunteer opportunities, luncheons, and more.

About Tuuti: 

Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and consumers. Some of the services they provide include content generation, event planning, graphic design, influencer management, public relations, social media, and traditional media buying.

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Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and their audiences. Some of the services we provide include content marketing, creative design, social media, and public relations. We’re here for awesome brands like yours, and are passionate about delivering unparalleled customer experience and killer content you can count on, always.