Shawnda Huffman, CEO and Founder of Tuuti Agency, Speaks at Boise Breakfast Club

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Women-Owned Marketing Agency Tuuti Educates on Local Activation

Boise, Idaho, June 26, 2024 — On Tuesday, June 18th, Shawnda Huffman, CEO and Founder of women-owned creative communications marketing agency Tuuti, shared her expertise on local activation and how businesses can implement it at the Boise Breakfast Club

The Boise Breakfast Club is a dynamic female networking group composed of local Boise leaders. Founded by Kelci Douglas in 2023, the group has rapidly garnered the attention of Boise’s female entrepreneurs, leaders, and decision-makers. Douglas’ vision was to create a space where like-minded individuals could connect, gain knowledge, and build rapport, while expanding their network.

At the event, Huffman educated guests about the importance of expanding and maintaining a local network beyond social media. She highlighted how local activation is crucial for Tuuti, as part of the agency’s commitment to supporting the community, building connections, and fostering creativity. 

Tuuti has witnessed firsthand the significance of local chambers, like the Meridian Chamber of Commerce and the Boise Metro Chamber, as well as local community networking events. With community being a primary focus, Tuuti also engages with non-profit organizations to further promote local activation. Huffman explained how some of the most valuable lessons come from those with rich life experiences. She states, “When you seat yourself at a table of strangers, you have the opportunity to start a deep and meaningful connection.” 

Another highlight from Huffman’s presentation was the creative “Yay! I Pooped Today” campaign, a pivotal moment in her career. She reflected on her time at Microbe Formulas, where she effectively leveraged a $68,000 PR budget to generate nearly $3 million in free advertising. 

“This campaign was polarizing and disruptive and that’s why it worked,” Huffman says. “This campaign educated people on the struggles that occur with the human body that no one wants to talk about, but everyone deals with. We made it relatable to the masses while putting some humor behind gut health.”

Founder and Owner of the Boise Breakfast Club, She Rose, and She Rose Studios, Kelci, adds, “Shawnda knows what she’s doing. It’s undeniable considering the growth Tuuti has seen in just the past year.” Douglas emphasizes that “simply taking the time to immerse yourself in a room with engaging people will significantly elevate your success.”

For practical steps to implement these strategies in your business, check out Tuuti’s guide on how to leverage local networks, engage with community events, and amplify your brand’s impact in the Treasure Valley.

About Tuuti: 

Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications marketing agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and consumers. Some of the services they provide include content generation, event planning, graphic design, influencer management, public relations, social media, and traditional media buying.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caylie Shelton, Director of Public Relations for Tuuti, at

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Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and their audiences. Some of the services we provide include content marketing, creative design, social media, and public relations. We’re here for awesome brands like yours, and are passionate about delivering unparalleled customer experience and killer content you can count on, always.