Tuuti Agency Celebrates Three Silver Rockie Awards in Year One

Boise Advertising Federation Recognizes Women-Owned Marketing Agency, Tuuti

Boise Advertising Federation Recognizes Women-Owned Marketing Agency Tuuti

Boise, Idaho, April 9, 2024 — Last Saturday, women-owned creative communications marketing agency, Tuuti, accepted three silver awards at the Rockies Creative Award Show, Idaho’s premier creative competition. Their wins included a silver Rockie for the “Say Thanks with SOLV” campaign in Local Television, and two other silver awards for Camille Beckman’s “Her Hands Are Home” campaign in both the Local Television and Cinematography categories.

Shawnda Huffman, Founder and CEO of Tuuti, expressed her excitement, saying, “We are truly honored to accept three Rockies in our first year. The ‘Say Thanks with SOLV’ motion-graphic campaign and the emotional, heartfelt video production ‘Her Hands Are Home’ were tremendous successes, but we value even more the relationships developed with the SOLV and Camille Beckman teams.”

The Tuuti team’s dedication to understanding their clients’ needs was evident in the creation of the “Her Hands Are Home” campaign for Camille Beckman. Roshan Roghani, CEO of Camille Beckman, shares, “Working with the Tuuti team was a creative, thoughtful process. They took the time to really understand our company and values, crafting and executing a campaign that truly touched the roots of who we are. They listened to our plethora of details and made sure every part was reflected in the final body of work.”

Echoing this sentiment, Matt McLaughlin, Creative Director at SOLV, adds, “Tuuti seamlessly integrated their work into our brand, offering fresh perspectives and outstanding execution. Working with them felt like an extension of our own team.”

The Rockies Award Show is a celebration of exceptional creative advertising from the past year in Idaho, attracting submissions from a diverse array of entrants including individuals, students, agencies, and businesses. The judging panel consists of industry experts known for their keen insight and thorough understanding of advertising trends. The awards recognize excellence in marketing communications, celebrating innovation, creativity, and effectiveness.

The award show was organized by the Boise Advertising Federation (BAF), a longstanding non-profit organization, founded in 1910, with members spanning across marketing, design, web, and public relations sectors. BAF’s membership provides exclusive content and serves as a database for members to connect with the network and local club events. Features include leadership resources, award information, access to the Government Report, and industry-related discounts. With a commitment to nurturing education, professional growth, and industry advocacy, BAF understands and believes in the power of creativity.

Reflecting on the award show, Huffman remarks, “Being among so many creative minds at the Rockies was inspiring. We look forward to adding even more of our Tuuti creative flair to the Treasure Valley. The team is excited to tackle new projects that elevate brands and drive our company’s vision.”

About Tuuti: 

Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications marketing agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and consumers. Some of the services they provide include content generation, event planning, graphic design, influencer management, public relations, social media, and traditional media buying.

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Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and their audiences. Some of the services we provide include content marketing, creative design, social media, and public relations. We’re here for awesome brands like yours, and are passionate about delivering unparalleled customer experience and killer content you can count on, always.