Keynote Speaker, MaKayla Beaudoin, Presents on Building a Passion Brand

Tuuti Creative Director Speaking at Brand Event

A Successful Brand Discovery Event by SOLV, Including Tuuti’s Creative Director

Boise, Idaho, May 26, 2023 — Earlier this month on May 4th, Tuuti’s Creative Director, MaKayla Beaudoin, took the stage at SOLV’s Brand Discovery Event as their keynote speaker covering the topic of “Building a Passion Brand.” Over 120 individuals from the Treasure Valley, Oregon, Nevada, and across Idaho filled the room at JUMP Boise for SOLV’s annual event.

Brand Discovery is SOLV’s annual spring event to help businesses grow brands that motivate meaningful action. With a desire to connect customers, friends, and community members to branding and marketing experts, SOLV’s Brand Discovery Events invites experts to share new ideas, current marketing and branding strategies, and actionable next steps to strengthen their brand and beyond. 

Tuuti’s Creative Director and speaker at the event, MaKayla Beaudoin, has years of experience as a digital designer and marketer in the health and wellness industry. Her professional background has helped her better understand consumer behavior and what it takes to package all the pieces together in building brands. After discovering the common denominator of building brand after brand, she joined forces with four other women to start Tuuti, a local creative communications agency. With Tuuti, she was able to make the female powerhouse vision a reality and continues to help a wide variety of clients to reach brand success.

At the event, Beaudoin broke down the ins and outs of building a passion brand and explained the emotional connection that is created behind those brands. With all the marketing changes in the last decade and moving to a social media-focused society, Beaudoin shares how brands should respond.

She says, “Companies must be willing to be polarizing and adaptable. People become brand loyalists for a variety of different reasons. The cool thing about that is the same reason that somebody loves Starbucks is the exact same reason why someone else hates it. You just have to find those people that are searching for what you are offering and show how your brand does it best.”

Matt McLaughlin, Creative Designer for SOLV, shares, “We were so lucky to have MaKayla as our keynote speaker for the Brand Discovery Event. When I was putting together the topics, I was hoping for someone who was well-versed in their career and someone who has worked at some prominent companies. Luckily the stars aligned with having MaKayla share her expertise on what she went through and worked on at and the amazing work she did at Microbe Formulas. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you bring in marketing professionals, like MaKayla, who know what they are doing and are passionate about what they are talking about.”

Beaudoin adds, “It was such an honor to be chosen as the keynote speaker for this event. Building and understanding the ins and outs of passion brands is something I have always taken an extra interest in, so this presentation was truly second nature to me.”

With community involvement as a core value, the Tuuti team is always looking for new opportunities to support local businesses and the Treasure Valley community. To find out more about the creative communications agency, or reach out about a potential community event contribution, contact them here

Those looking to watch Beaudoin’s presentation and learn more about building a passion brand can watch here.

About Tuuti: Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and their audiences. Some of the services they provide include content generation, event planning, graphic design, influencer management, public relations, social media, and traditional media buying.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caylie Shelton, Director of Public Relations for Tuuti, at

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Tuuti is a female-owned creative communications agency that specializes in boosting brand awareness, nurturing reputations, and strengthening connections between companies and their audiences. Some of the services we provide include content marketing, creative design, social media, and public relations. We’re here for awesome brands like yours, and are passionate about delivering unparalleled customer experience and killer content you can count on, always.