The Project

Liana Duvall came to Tuuti with the exciting news of opening a new type of wine bar in Garden City. She needed to find an agency who could tell the story of her new adventure and highlight what makes her wine bar unique. She also wanted creative direction, including name and logo development, that aligned with her vision for the brand and beautiful space.

Services Provided:
  • Name creation
  • Logo development
  • Comprehensive brand guide

The Solution

The Tuuti team got to work right away, starting with finding the perfect name to tell Liana’s brand story. Inspired by her rich Colombian heritage and emphasis on making connections, we presented the name “Parcero,” meaning “friends for the soul” in Colombian. Next up for the logo, we brought to life Liana’s vision to subtly incorporate wine elements without being overdone. Our inspiration came from the bottom of a wine bottle, and we added a touch of flare in the “E” and “R” to visualize both connection and the stem of a wine glass.

The Tuuti team also created the company’s mission statement, vision statement, tagline, brand colors, voice guide, typography, logo lock-up, and mood board as part of the Parcero Brand Guide. We incorporated both sophistication and approachability to the brand by using bold yet soft colors. Their tagline “Here for all your encores” fit in seamlessly with this theme and tied it all together for her successful launch.