Jane Gordon Law

The Project

Jane Gordon came to the Tuuti team to develop her logo and branding, as well as her website, for Jane Gordon Law, a new personal injury law firm in Idaho. One of her top priorities was standing out against local competition and showing the heart driving her brand. After completing the logo, branding, website, and content, Jane also wanted to raise awareness locally with traditional media through bus benches and radio.

Services Provided
  • Bus benches
  • Blog articles
  • Logo and branding
  • Press releases
  • Radio
  • SEO
  • Website design and development
  • Website copy

The Solution

First up in the process was the logo development, inspired by Lady Justice. Just as Lady Justice is blindfolded to represent unbiased review, representation for all who need it is central to Jane’s core values. We incorporated green and blues to stand out from the red and dark colors that saturate the industry.

Building off of the logo and branding, the Tuuti team designed and built a website, as well as set up her SEO. For her blog section, we created three blog articles and two press releases, all optimized with SEO, to support her launch. After her website launch, she also had radio and bus bench placements to help raise brand awareness. All of these services worked in harmony to launch her brand, start building authority for Google ranking, increase local awareness, and tell her brand story in a way to attract the right clients.



News outlets reached with press releases


Commercials airing a month on radio


Monthly impressions on bus benches

From the Client

“Tuuti is the best, and I can’t recommend them enough. I chatted with a couple different agencies but immediately felt a connection with the team at Tuuti. They get me! And I can tell they really care about hitting client goals. The product they deliver is impeccable. They designed my logo and my website, and I am in LOVE with both. I am getting ready to embark on phase 2 of my marketing with them and can’t wait to see what’s in store as we both grow.”

— Jane Gordon, Owner