Hey, I’m Jessie

The #1 hype girl for all things social media

For the last decade, Jessie has been fine-tuning her work in the social media space. She specializes in connections — from connecting brands to the best influencers across the world, to driving engagement on social media, to happy hour and networking events. With her own personal experience as an influencer, Jessie brings a unique insider’s perspective. Her ability to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences has tripled social metrics for various companies.

Born in Montana and raised as a small-town Idaho girl, Jessie is a lover of country music and the great outdoors. A self-diagnosed travel junkie, she has visited over 10 different countries and had a destination wedding in Mexico. When she isn’t swinging golf clubs with her husband, you can find her walking her two pups, Ripp and Sadie, or hitting the waves at the lake with her friends and family. Those who know Jessie best call her a human sunflower because she’s always standing out in a crowd and uplifting those around her.

Food you could eat forever

Mexican Food



Favorite movie

Mamma Mia!

Drink of choice

Vanilla Latte