Hey, I’m Ian

Creative junkie meets detail-oriented designer

Before joining Tuuti as our Art Director, Ian worked as a graphic designer and photographer for Northwest Lineman College, National Geographic, and United Graphic Design. During this time, Ian undertook extensive design initiatives, including conceptual expansion of brands, print materials, dynamic motion graphics, and marketing campaigns. No matter the project, Ian is a highly innovative and in-the-details designer. He excels in creative collaboration with team members to deliver the highest quality final graphics and visuals. 

In his free time, Ian is an avid biker, runner, skier, and bikepacker. The Boise Foothills is his go-to spot and you can find him there any season, any time. He’s passionate about experiencing the natural world, especially with loved ones. When he’s not exploring the great outdoors, he likes to pass his time with friends and family, working in the garden, or on endless home renovation projects. 

Food you could eat forever

Homemade bagels and scones



Favorite movie

We Bought a Zoo

Drink of choice

Herbal teas